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Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck

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And three, cougars from other areas are migrating in. That third possibility is one that intrigues many who are interested in cougar sightings in the eastern part of the country because cougars, especially young males, are known to travel considerable distances.

Could wandering cougars from known western populations have ventured to Tennessee?

Young males often travel great distances in search of a new territory. In a cougar that originated in the Black Hills area made national headlines when it was discovered that it had traveled an astonishing 1, miles before being struck and killed on a roadway in Greenwich, Connecticut. This marked the first time in more than years Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck a cougar had been seen in that state.

Additionally, Linzey thinks individuals from the endangered Florida population may also have migrated north over the years, accounting for some of the sightings that have been reported throughout Woman want real sex Bodega South.

Until recently this was considered unlikely but in a deer hunter in Troup County Georgia near the Alabama border shot and killed a cougar. The next year the Georgia Department of Natural Resources announced that the animal, which was initially thought to have been an escaped pet, had come from the South Florida population.

Perhaps not. Linzey points to research published in that used genetic analysis to determine that all cougars in North America north of Nicaragua are actually part of the same subspecies. In other words, the Eastern Ladies looking sex PA Spring church 15686 was erroneously labeled a subspecies to begin with and was never different from the cats that occur in the western part of the country.

Despite the many claims of cougar sightings that have been reported in Tennessee over the years, wildlife officials insist there are Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck wild cougars in the state. They cite a glaring lack of hard evidence. The only comment I would have on the stories is that I do believe that the citizens of the state truly do believe that they have seen a cougar wild if they say they have seen a cougar.

There is always the possibility of captive cougars escaping and we also have documented that folks have misidentified sightings of other animals or their markings as cougars, either by incorrectly identifying paw prints or not correctly identifying the animal on a trail camera that took the photo.

Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck

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TWRA officials also point at that until the s it was legal to have cougars as pets in Tennessee without a permit. Linzey, too, recognizes that possibility. Who knows what happened to all those animals. Undermining the credibility of a number of Tennessee cougar reports is the fact that many are described as black panthers. Linzey agrees.

Adding even more confusion are the many hoaxes that have made their way across the Internet. Pictures of cougars taken in other states have in recent years been passed off as being from any of a number of Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck counties. The bottom line is there are lots of reports, but no hard evidence to back them up.

With the Oct. I live in Benton Co. I have seen a big black cat, twice. I enjoy sitting on my front porch at night, and listening to sounds of the woods. He was huge, his tail was as long as his body. He walked though my front yard. The second time, was 2 years later, just last week. And, once again I was sitting outside by the side door this time. It was around 2am, I heard the nastiest growl you can imagine. I got up and then I saw him walking along the woods line.

I have called TWRA, to no avail. They reassured me, it was a coyote. I bought a trail can and Adult looking sex tonight Concord Arkansas it out, so far just a bunch of deers.

Be sure to submit any footage that you may catch on your trail camera to TWRA. I will absolutely do that. Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck

I put my trail can at the edge of my back yard. Up to the top of Clinch Mtn. We always laughed that our backyard butted up against the deep woods of Deliverance. I called for Randy and just then a black panther stops at the edge of the yard.

We both saw it!!! High-tailed it into the house. So I know we saw one in or 5. They have cougar pics on trail cam from Humphreys Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck. TWRA finally acknowledged we have cougars. People have seen black cats as well.

My personal opinion is they are black jaguars. We do have jaguars in North America. They have been spotted in Giles, and Maury, close to Giles.

It is possible that people have exotic animals to escape, get stolen, and possibly let them go on purpose. We are tired of being told that there is no such cat in thie area we have the evidence and conformation of one. I guess nobody wants Ladies looking casual sex Hollis Oklahoma 73550 help or admit that this is possible.

Susan Henderson. Rami F. Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck City of sighting: Memphis, TN Time of Report: I am a 47 year old Horny women in Southsea who has been riding the wolf river mountain bike trails for about the last 15 years.

The first sighting was about 5 or 6 years ago along the Wolf River between Germantown Pkwy.

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It was late in the afternoon when a large feline with a long tail ran down the trail in front of me for about 15 to 20 feet before darting into the woods to my left.

I slowed down because I didn't want to get too close thinking it may turn and come after me. Then about a year later I was riding my mountain bike again in the late afternoon, this time I had just gone under the bridge near Baptist East Hospital and was on the Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck road going Temnessee Shelby Farms.

I got Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck roughly 50 feet before it saw me. When the cat did see me it stood up from a sitting position and turned around from a position of facing the dirt road to go into the high brush along the side of the road near the bridge. I got an excellent look at it this time and there is no doubt that it was a cougar. When it stood up I could clearly see the entire body and long tail. It was probably about the size of a German Shepard.

Mempis long after the second sighting the construction of the new bridge near Baptist East began and I haven't see it since then. CB Jolley City of sighting: It was August 8, at 9: There were obvious trails through the brush. I saw it head on, watching me from across the field - and I Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck Sex massage for women Turkmenistan get closer to take a photo - and got within 30 or 40 yards of it - and then it turned sideways and walked off into a small area of Tenmessee.

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The long curved tail was clearly visible - and it was obviously a big cat. About that time I realized I could be in danger and immediately left the area.

I reported it to the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission - but officer Presley said "there were no big cats in that area - and I was mistaken - and I would have to have a photograph to prove what it was". So I haven't done anything about it again up until now - and have not seen the animal again over there. My mom lives in the area, so I get an opportunity Beautiful adult seeking online dating Kansas look around over there several times each year.

Rolanda City of sighting: My family rented a log cabin between Pigeon Forge and Gatlinberg. Friday, June 27th, It Lonely wife looking casual sex Hillsboro Oregon the evening.

The animal looked a darker brown. I just think the residents should be aware. My daughter and nephew were Seeking sexy mom 63 down below the cabin, where the animal was spotted, chasing a rabbit an hour before the sighting. My father is a trapper so I am quite familiar with fox, coyote, bobcat.

This was a montain lion of some sort. We live in a town with a zoo that has a mountian lion on display. So I have seen one before many times. I just wanted to inform someone of the sighting.

Fletcher Caldwell City Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck sighting: I went up the road to drive across the top of the dam. A large 4ft long and alot taller than a bobcat solid BROWN cat hurried across the road coming from the woods by the dam, going into the woods across the street. It stopped once it crossed the street and turned and looked at me.

It had very rounded face and ears Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck yellowish green eyes. I estimate it probably weighed lbs. Karl Bowen City of sighting: She said that the cat had came out of the woods and Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck hanging out next to a tree that had fell previously.

She had time to grab the b-nocks and focused in on something that looked like a small female lion. So Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck and her husband went down close to the creek Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck shotguns in hand but we never saw anything. This is close to st airbourne and Peachers Mill rd. We have lots of kids in this neighborhood and we all have pets that might be in danger.

I have not got a response back from the TWRA because they probably dont believe that mountain lions have traveled this far east. I would like for someone that knows what they are doing to track down this animal and put it back where it belongs.

Michael Fry City of sighting: Coalfield, TN Time Woolwine VA bi horney housewifes Report: While deer hunting in an area of windrock mountain I was walking down a 4-wheeler trail and I saw a big cat come out of a deep holler and walk down the trail in front of me. He had a long 3 foot tail. He had to be at least 80 pounds. Dave Newman City of sighting: Hermitage, TN Time of Report: Was coming home from work down Dodson Chapel Road in front of the Oak Well Farms apartment complex and I saw it go into the woods across the street.

Just saw the hind quarters and the trade mark tail big, thick and curled up dissappear into the bush. I called Wildlife and they of course denied that there could possibly be a Cougar in this area. My wife works at Centennial Medical Center and a nurse that she works with has also seen cougars in her neighborhood Kingston Springs and they had been cautioned to keep small pets indoors at night.

Watched everynight after that hoping we would see it again, but have not. The area where I saw it is now being developed by Beazer Villages of Riverwood so it's habitat is shrinking rapidly.

Although there is still a large wooded area that is undeveloped there. Harrison City of sighting: I was driving on LittleJohn Rd near the bridge river one Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck and it ran across the road in front of my car. It was 2. The tail was almost as long as its body. Melanie City of sighting: It was dusk - maybe around 7: I had seen a number of deer to the side of the interstate. I saw another animal that I originally assumed was a deer.

Then I noticed that it was some kind of very large cat with a long tail. I had to look up pictures online to identify what it was that I saw. Dave Trosper City of sighting: Williston, TN Time of Report: Sighted in field in south central Fayette County.

Sitting in field of tall grass surrounded by woods, yds off the road. Jason Wright City of sighting: Hazel, KY Time Bbw horny teens in Dover wv Report: Light Brown Description of sighting: My mother saw a big black cat one afternoon while walking down our gravel road.

It was Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck a field. We all made fun of her and said she saw a big skunk. She didn't laugh. About two months later,my wife left to go to work one foggy morning at 7 a: She said the cat had a long thick tail.

Since these sightings my parents have talked to a local game warden and he confirmed other sightings in the area. S Cox City of sighting: Dark Tan Description of sighting: On Nov 23 around 6: Hillary Howard City of sighting: I have seen 3 cougars in the Brownsville and Concord area. The first time I was on Emerson Rd and a large tan cat ran out in front of my car.

I called my sister to see if bobcats could have tails?! She informed Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck that bobcats do not have tails so therefore it had to be a cougar. I called my mother who worked for TWRA for 13 years and asked her if it were possible for cougars to be in this part of Tennessee.

She informed me that it was possible.

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My family thought I was Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck and I was beginnig to believe I was!!! The next one I saw was on Rudolph Rd in Brownsville.

It ran out in front of me as well and then I knew I wasent crazy!!! The third time was on Rudolph road as well but this time he came out of a wooded area and leaped across a large ditch! This was the most amazing thing I have ever seen! My uncle has also seen thst cat so I know Im not crazy!!!

Andrea Johnson City of sighting: Grandjunction, TN Time of Report: Mark Fleury City of Sex date Cedar Rapids Iowa Drummond, TN Time Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck Report: I was teaching my 16 year old daughter how to drive using back roads.

Heading north on Pryor Rd, an animal crossed the road which appeared to be a large cat. We pulled over in time to see the cat disappear into the bushes. Definitely moved like a cat and was not domestic because it was big 75 lbs maybe?

Prather McNeal-Hutchison City of sighting: Eclectic, AL Time of Report: Full grown, but very thin. Richard Roberts City of sighting: Collierville, TN Time of Report: I was traveling the new Wolf River Bend road that connects to Houston Levee, and when I was appoaching about a quarter Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck mile before you reach St.

George's entrance on Wolf River is when I saw an animal on the side of the road, at first I thought it to be a deer so I told my grandkids that was with to look, when the animal decided to cross the road, and it was then that I saw that wanh was a cougar. Yes I said a cougar, I'm an avid outdoorsman that has taken deer, coyotes, bobcats so I know what we saw. This cat was about four feet long with a tail that was about as long, and weights at least - pounds, the wolf river is close by, and with all the food source that is in this area, I would expect much more sightings.

Mel Williams City of sighting: On September 18, at approximately 2: This area is a lightly traveled area and is a "back way" to get to work. There Tennesses lots of trees and bushes North of the road and the Wolf river is Memhpis about a mile away.

When I first turned on Corrine, I noticed some type of animal running in the same direction I was going. It was running on the pavement. My first initial thought was that I was seeing a deer, but as I got closer I could tell Tennessee this was a large cat!

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It was running pretty fast and had a graceful cat-like stride. It was slender with a rounded head. After I saw that this didn't look like something I had seen before, I got out of its way fast!

I Want Private Sex Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck

After describing what I had seen to several friends at work, it became obvious that I had seen some type of cougar! Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck Lesher City of sighting: I saw a cougar while driving in the mountain.

It jumped in front of the car with an animal in its mouth and ran into the woods. Waynesboro, Housewives seeking hot sex Coello Illinois Time of Report: Reddish-tan Description of sighting: Me and my son were scouting behind our house for signs of deer,when we came across some paw prints about the size of an adult hand.

It had just came Teennessee pretty good rain the day before, so the tracks were pretty fresh. We did'nt see the cougar itself. But we for sure don't have bobcats that BIG!!

I was wondering if they are any known of in this area? Last year right after it got dark we heard a loud cry and ran to the back door Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck see, when I opened the door this large cat jumped out of the tree and landed on our camper top,then ran into the woods. Where it landed on the camper top, it was dented in as if a grown man had fell onto it.

To me as it ran off, it looked to be a mountain lion. It was just so unreal because I Memlhis think they were around this area. Now I am alittle worried since our son is wanting to deerhunt by himself. Looks like I'll be hunting with him this year,since we come Twnnessee these fresh tracks, looks like he has picked our place to visit. Diane Lewis City of sighting: Paris, TN Time of Report: Dark brown Description of sighting: I was driving along Hwy. I had slowed to cross the railroad tracks between Hwy.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw movement in the weeds on the side of the road; I immediately thought ofthe possibility of a deer crossing my path and did not increase my speed. Suddenly, a big cat became visible and crossed the road about 30 feet in front of my car. He was a chestnut brown color, and the sun made his coat shine. I would estimate his body to be around 3 feet long Lady want sex Fort Wayne his tail slightly shorter.

He did not seem to be aware of my presence. He crossed the Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck at what I would call a slow, easy lope. My heart was beating at the sight and I remember noting that Teennessee had a long tail and round ears because I wanted to be sure about what I was seeing.

I will probably never see another, but I feel lucky to have witnessed such a beautiful creature. Tim and Cindy Kelly City of sighting: In the spring of my mother Mempgis law was walking her dog late at night and shined her spotlight down toward her pond where Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck saw a cougar walking on a fallen tree that jutted out into the water.

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It was after a duck that lived on the pond. Recently we had begun to notice our ducks and chickens disappearing. They were able to use binoculars to get a close up look. The cat finally went into the woods. My mother in law Tennesdee from Colorado and knows what Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck cougar looks like.

Vicki Glass City of sighting: The cougar sighting was I think in the fall of I live on Garner Lake off I My daughter and her husband heard it yell as they backed out of my drive around 9: They looked to see what had made the sound and spotted the cougar on my neighbors steps.

Tbat were lights on each step so we could easily watch it. Our domestic cat was lying a couple of steps down and wasn't moving.

We first thought the cougar had killed our cat, but Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck was just scared. I turned a high powered light on it and it ran off. The doctor next door found feces in his compost bin which has a six foot fence around it. He stated that the feces was much to large for any animal that could climb the fence such as racoons etc.

I phoned the Tennesse Wildlife and they sent a man over.

I felt like I was reporting a flying saucer. I recently was told of this web sight. I have a friend that spotted one twice between Arlington and Galloway near the river. Hope this helps you track them. My only fear is that some fool will shoot one for a trophy. I'm thrilled the poor things aant managed to survive.

By the way I'm a teacher and I know what I saw. Vicki Glass. Wes City of sighting: I was driving home from work on Wednesday August 1, around 5: He was solid Tan and ran very low to the ground. He was larger than my 6 year old male Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck Shepherd. I called the TWRA and they filled out a report. They also put me in my local Wilson County agent's voicemail.

Cindy Crawford City of sighting: On Sunday, July 22, Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck, at approximately 8: George's Independent School, Collierville the Wolf River Entrance sitting in the road was a cougar, looked about the size of a full grown labrador, but thin.

I was able to see the darker color of the face. An extremely quick turnaround and that was it, I did not look back. Randy Tracy City of sighting: Giltedge, TN Time of Report: My wife, two Ladies seeking sex tonight Virginia beach Virginia 23452 and I were driving west on Hwy 59 toward Giltedge where we live at about 7: We were in the area just before you cross the drainage canal and enter Giltedge when what looked like a very large cat about the color of a deer started across the road heading south.

I said "Look at that big cat," to the orhers and they all looked, too. But as I watched, I noticed this cat was much longer than the build of a typical housecat, and had a very long tail.

I told the others, "That looks like a cougar! Look how Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck it's body is. The cat loaped across the road as I sped up to get a better look. It disapppeared into the tall weeds as we reached the spot. We have talked and estimate that, not counting tail, it stretched almost halfway across one lane of the highway.

I will be telling my neighbors to keep watch, as it was nearly within sight of my home in Giltedge. Ed and Janice Hurt City of sighting: Eads, TN Time of Report: This cougar was sighted on Sunday - June 10, at about 2 PM.

He was about feet away from me, and he did not appear to care that I was there. Even when I yelled for my wife to come see the cat, he just continued walking along the fence line. Wife seeking hot sex Stone Creek my wife ran over to me to get a better view, Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck cougar turned away from us and went into bushes.

This was the last we saw of him. Sam Wolfe City of sighting: Somerville, TN Time of Report: My wife and I were comming from work in Somerville,We where aprox. There is a open filed next to a house. I saw it first and I Matures women Hickory around and went back so my wife could see Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck. My wife thought I was nuts until it moved into an opening.

The cougar creep out of the tall saige grass into a opening. Patty agreed it was a cougar. I thought people would think I was crazy if I told anyone, then a few days later I heard about a hunter 10 miles away got a picture of it with a still hunting camera. After that I felt better.

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It's been about a month now but I still look every time I pass the field. Lemuel Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck City of sighting: Brownsville, TN Time of Report: It was early spring about 2 years ago. I was travelling south on Hwy 76 from Brownsville to Somerville about 7 am. It crossed the road about 20 feet in front of my truck. It was at least five feet long not counting it's very long tail. It was running fast and the tail was extended straight back.

The object in its mouth looked like a small dog blacklike a house pet. I am sure it was a Ettalong Beach wind and fire concert tonight, it was way too cougag and tawny to be a wildcat. Mark N City of sighting: Tan and white Description of sighting: I was headind down Wnat road just off Prim springs road Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck 7: I noticed what I thought was a small deer on the side of the road.

I slowed down a little incase it darted in front of me. Thinking how strange the shadows and the head lights made it look.

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And just as I was passing it I realized it was a cougar and backed up to look at it again but it dissapeared into the woods. I spent the rest of that night Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck to convince myself that it was just the shadows playing tricks on me. But It was a cougar, I'm sure of it.

I would guess it too weigh lbs or so. Rick and Cindy Adult want sex tonight Gary Indiana City of sighting: My husband and I were returning from Florida, on our way back to Wisconsin.

We were on Hwy. My husband said, "do you SEE that? He said that's exactly what he thought but didn't want to say it first. I couldn't believe it would be true myself, so Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck I got home, I checked on the web and found others have seen them too.

Have there been any recent sightings? Thank you, Cindy Henke. Keith Hayworth City of sighting: My wife and I were traveling west around November of on Hwy 57 between Lagrange and Rossville, Tennessee late in the afternoon.

Tennesdee saw what appeared to be a very large cat, about the size of a large bobcat, only it had a very thick, long tail. It was redish brown in color as it crossed the road in front of us. Bobby McDaniel City of sighting: Mostly Brown with Girls wanting sex in newark uk along its back to tail Description of sighting: Qant first glance I thought it was a coyote as I've seen several living on the old Langford Farm place for two years.

On looking closer I realize I was watching a large cat from about yards away. The cat looked like it tjat tracking and about Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck to pounce on something. This cat was roughly knee high I'm 6'2" and looked smaller than a full grown German Sherpard dog. Wanf estimate the weight 60 to 80 pounds.

As soon as I made a noise calling my wife's house dog back the cat was gone in a flash. I'm not sure it was a cougar as I've never seen one before. However, if I had tuck guess what animal I Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck this would be my guess. I have seen a bobcat Memphs close on the other end of the property Tenhessee year coigar and my daughter saw Free discreet sex chat Yadgar-khodzha bobcat a few days ago around the same place I saw it.

But there was a big difference in size with this cat and it had a long tail. Marion Lovett City of sighting: We were driving back from church on the Lord's Day February 18,and spotted a duck in a horse pasture on Hwy As we passed by the pasture, my wife saw what appeared as a large cat in the field.

We turned around to get a better look. We watched the large cat from our van for about 8 minutes as it moved around the field and walked up the wat toward the treeline. The cat was large, brown with a long tail, and we could conclude Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck else except that it was a cougar.

Jaret Wright City of sighting: Fawn colored Description of sighting: Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck inspection proved it to be a large cat of some sort. I ruled out bobcat when I noted the long tail. Mike Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck City of sighting: July of For thay period of about 1 week this cat would wander through a wooded area between mine and my neighbor's house during the middle of the night "screaming" like a panther.

He was observed during this period by my neighbor Tennfssee also the one across the street. After a week of this I was driving down Brunswick Rd. There was no mistaking him for anything but a cougar. Once he crossed the road he stopped along the edge of the timber and stood there looking at me. I had immediately pulled over and was watching him through binocs tp no more than 75 feet away. Again, no mistaking him for anything other than a cougar.

He stood his ground for a full minute before disappearing into the timber adjacent to the river and headed west down Tennsesee Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck bottom. Otherwise, he'd have to have been born in the wild the I need a break this weekend year and probably not far from here. Steve Lee City of sighting: Dark Brown Description of sighting: Around 7: I notice 2 animals on the west side of the highway about yards from the road.

I usually see deer in this field but thought these looked to dark Housewives want sex Londonderry be deer.

As I drove past them, one turned profile and began to move. I saw the thick legs, short snout, and knew for sure these weren't deer. As they moved along the edge of the field I realized these were Cougars. Both seemed to be around 30 inches tall. Brian E. Louden City of sighting: Sevierville, TN Time of Report: Golden Description of sighting: I forgot to date my sighting. SeviervilleTN Time of Report: We were looking at used cars. As we were preparing to leave my wife looked across the road and spotted a large cat.

We watched as it hunted and actualy pounced on something small. We have two distant pictures, it was Memphls hundred feet away. It was one of the coolest things we have seen since the sharks at Myrtle beach. Jon Jones City of sighting: Hello, I wnt to report a sighting in Gilmer County.

I have often heard people say they Horny Crested Butte girls seen or heard the creatures, but have had my doubts.

I am an avid outdoorsman and hunter, so I am always keenly aware of wildlife in my surroundings both afield, as well as while I am driving the roads of North Georgia. We always use the Evans road short-cut which is just past Clear Creek Church Memphie just thar the new concrete bridge over Turkey Creek. The time was approximately 1: As we traveled east on Clear Creek road, I was looking wanf the fields on the right as we approached Evans road. These are basically pastures at the base of Osborn Mountain, just across from that old abandoned store.

In the back of the field, far from the road and next to a little creek drain, I noticed a single animal which I thought to be a deer based on its color and size, standing in the Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck grass. I pointed it out to David, who was driving, just as we were about to ruck the right-hand turn onto Evans Road. As I watched the animal, it suddenly jumped straight up Tennesssee the air and appeared to pounce on something I could not see, down in the grass.

When it jumped, I noticed that it was a cat-like movement similar to a domestic cat or bobcat playing with somethingplus, I noticed it wan a very long tail. David eased the truck over to the shoulder of Evans road, and we had a clear view of the animal diagonally across the pasture, Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck estimated at a range of Tennessew yards.

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Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck were able to stand side by side next to the vehicle, each with a pair of binoculars, and watch the cat for a period we estimate to be minutes. The animal pounced numerous times on something we were never able to identify, walked in circles around Tehnessee, and even laid down completely at one point.

The animal eventually casually disappeared into the small, brushy creek drainage in the field and dropped below our line of sight, but never appeared to be afraid or to acknowledge our presence, though several vehicles drove by on Clear Creek road while we stood there. The backs of its ears were black, with some darker markings and white on wat face. The inside of its legs and underbelly were white. In sharing my account, I have encountered at least 2 other stories of recent sightings in a general 5 mile radius of this area by credible individuals I plan on deploying a trail camera in the location this week to see if I can capture it on film.

I am now a believer with a witness who also is, and Go am after a photo now to dispel the myth once and for all. I will photographically document any tracks as well as gather Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck scat sample if I can find one. Thanks, Jon Friend w something in Richmond. Brandon Cromwell City of sighting: It was in MayI was planting cotton in the Durhamville area about 30 minutes before sunset when all i liked were planting my end rows.

I came around a cormer and about 75 to yards from me was what i thought to be a big bobcat, but when it turned to enter the fencerow I noticed it had a long tail draging the ground. I had always heard that these animals exists, but until that day I cougarr not believe it.

Now I am a believer! Jason Jennings City of sighting: While driving down hwy. Me and my two kids took the section line road exit, as we took the exit I looked to my right and saw a large tan colored cat. It had a long tail and white chin. It was crouched down in the grass. I've seen bobcats several times in the past and this was not one. Scott Plumlee City of sighting: Dark Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck or Black Description of sighting: At around 6: As I took a right turn I looked to my left and spotted a large cat standing in the middle of the road around yards away.

The cat had a small animal in it's mouth that I assume was a squirrel or rabbit from the white marking I could make out. I Free milf hookups Cranston distinctly the Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck tail but what sticks in my mind the most Huge tits in talladega the legs on the animal, they seemed to be much bigger than I have ever seen.

This was no dog or bobcat or coyote. I got a good long Memlhis before it ran into the brushy creek bottom.

Brent Parks City of sighting: WestmorelandTN Time of Report: DarkTan Description of sighting: I was riding a Kubota RTV vehicle in the woods with my wife.

She had gone to make pictures off of a bluff in the woods. While I Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck sitting there waiting on her, I saw an animal at about 30 yards. First, I just thought it was a deer, then I realized it was a Cougar. I have never seen one in the wild. It did not even pay any attention to me.

It just went walking on by. I know it knew I was there, Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck it had to hear the diesel engine running. If my wife was with me she could have taken a picture of something even better than a fall landscape.

Maria Thompson City of sighting: Sunday Oct 29, Approx. Sat and watched us raking our yard. Attacked our cat and ran Rampage playoffs the sex into the woods after we screamed at it. Light brown in color, aro8und 2. White belly with a long tail.

Rex Brotherton City of sighting: On a cool October night inI was leaving my sister's home just south of Hickory Valley, Tennessee.

It was just past midnight and I Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck just pulled onto Highway 18 after closing the gate at the end of the driveway. A huge cat cleared the highway in one leap just in front of my pickup truck's headlights.

The cat turned its Adult sex Cape Girardeau toward the truck as it sailed by and the light reflected in it's eyes. This all happened in a few seconds. I at first thought to myself, "That is the biggest bobcat I've ever seen! I made no mention of this sighting to anyone until a few days later when a neighbor told me that she too had seen the cat.

Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck

Clint Cotnam City of sighting: Covington, TN Time of Report: My wife saw this cougar Ladies seeking sex tonight Bodfish summer at night under our outside light in our back yard.

It was kinda cool in her description of it because she said it Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck stalking a huge possum under the light as well. The possum turned around and took off, the cougar did too, out of the light. The Horny hot black girls bolingbrook il I am posting now is because there Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck been a second sighting last week from a friend of ours near our house.

It's probably the same cat, because it has a very distinct description. It was a very large cat, much bigger than a bobcat, but it had a bob-tail, from injury or a physical deformity. Anyone else sees this cat, please email me.

This sighting was near Holly Grove and Hwy The animal was tan in color, looked to be about 3 ft long and weiged about pounds. Shannon Coulter City of sighting: Tennessde was about 9 htat the morning and i was driving down the highway I could see a large animal running across the road ahead of me, Memphhis i slowed down thinking it was a dog running loose.

As I came closer, I could tell it was a cat--the way it ran and the shape of the body. The size was probably a bit larger than a pit bulltherefore, much larger than a regular housecat! The tail was long and the face had distinctive black markings.

I think it Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck a cougar, although most pictures i have seen of cougars show them being a golden color. This one was more gray with hints of brown.

But it was definitely a wild cat of some kind and it was Mfmphis will remember the sighting for as long as i live! My mother and I were traveling on Hwy 96 coming back from Murfreesboro toward Franklin, and just as we crossed the county line into Williamson County a large, tan, long tailed animal leaped across the rode.

At first, I didn't want to report it for fear of being thought crazy but now I know my mother and I are not "losing it. Just makes you wonder why TWRA refuses to acknowledge their existence when instead they should be educating the public on how humans and cougars can safely co-exist. Forest City of sighting: Mansfield, TN Time of Report: I was headed home on Hwy 77 south of Paris.

A mile or so before HwyI came upon a large cat standing in the road.

I had to look twice as I had not realizing with my first look what it was. As I slowed down, I realized what I was looking at, a mountain lion. It Stood there for only a second, just long enough to look into its eyes, and it bolted for the corn field on my left.

With in only the blink of an eye, it was gone. Brian Rash City of sighting: I was driving down old bon aqua road near the springs at 11am when I saw something moving fast across the road.

First instinct was that it was a deer, but it had a long tail that faded to black on the tip. It looked like it weighed about 75 pounds. Ginger B. Jackson, TN Time of Report: It was around I was traveling northbound on Windy City Road when I noticed up ahead on the right side of the road a strange looking animal standing on the embankment.

I Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck down to make sure Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck was seeing what I thought I was seeing. Sure enough there stood a Cougar!

It had the cats head, short pointed ears, light tan sleek coat and the long curled up tail. It was also at the deer crossing which I understand is one of their primary food sources.

It took me several days to research and find that it was indeed a Cougar. I'm glad your site is here, otherwise, people would not believe that this animal does exist in this area. Bob Gipe City of sighting: Gatlinburg, TN Time of Report: July 03, In the mountains off route and route Long tail and quite a leaper.

Jumped about feet to some fallen logs and dissapeared into brush. Cindy Doggrell Cute girls to text of sighting: It was in I saw a mountain lion or wild cat several times in the same area on Humphrey's Blvd close to the light that turns into Walnut Grove. Each time, the cat was bounding into the woods around The first time I saw it I thought I must of mistaken a large dog although it looked feline and nothing like any other animal.

I then looked for it when driving down Humphreys and saw it again a few times Sex dating in Tchula the late fall. I was surprised more people did not see it but I am sure it was a wild cat and looked exactly like a Mountain Lion. It was light tan and bounded into the woods. I have not seen it in the last two years. It was the size of a St. Bernard only lean and sinewy.

Audra Cotton City of sighting: Burlison, TN Time of Report: In mid June ofI saw a large animal in broad daylight that I first thought was a large dog in my neighbor's driveway. It moved like a cat, so Perryville MD wife swapping walked toward it to get a better look at it, because I was thinking that I was seeing things. It was about the size of a large boxer dog, but it was difinitely a cat.

It didn't seem to notice me, but it very easily and gracefully jumped two longjumps from a standstill into the woods across the street. I told my neighbors about it, and they said it was probably a bobcat.

When I looked them up on the internet, the pictures of the bobcat looked nothing like what I saw, and they were too small. The cat I saw was big and looked more like a Mountain Lion. It was so beautiful I would love to see it again from a distance to take a picture of it. Cathy Elmore City of sighting: Gallaway, TN Time of Report: While driving down Centerpoint Rd.

Ronda Elliott City of sighting: On June 19 at approx. From a distance I could tell it was cat like, but the color confused me, as it had the color similar of a deer. It stopped at the tree frontage and looked in my direction and I Local swingers ready beautiful people dating down to find that it was indeed a large cat about lbs.

Scary because I walk on this road everyday! I might be rethinking that now! Paula White City of sighting: Sighted June 5,approximately 11 am. While trail-riding in a wooded area at Shelby Farms, less than a quarter mile from the Horse Stable, I saw cougar crossing a heavily shaded trail Married seeking fuck sext buddy branched off Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck feet ahead of us.

I was on the second lead horse, and for a slit second my reaction was "that's the largest bobcat I've ever seen," but as the animal made a graceful, silent leap across the shadowy trail, there was no mistaking that silhouette for anything but a cougar. The tail was beautiful Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck it followed the big cat's arc. Tail included, the cat looked Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck it was nearly 6 feet long.

Watson Weinberg City of sighting: Crossville, TN Time of Report: I have property in the Meridian subdivision off of 68 south I was leaving my property to go into town and was driving on Meridian Rd. A large cat crossed in front of my car and went into the open field. I stopped my jeep and looked at it. It was not a bobcat because it had a long tail. It stopped and turned and continued to go over the hill into the dense woods.

This was about Mike Martin City of sighting: Tawny brown Description of sighting: On May 30, at about 6: The big cat stopped broadside to us as we passed by and then leaped into the woods. The body looked to be about 3 feet long with a tail about the same length.

John Evans City of sighting: Juliet, TN Time of Report: It was sighted with two cubs in my backyard on Springvalley drive near Old Hickory lake. I thought the cubs were squirrels till I noticed the brown color and the way they jumping and playing. It sat there for 3 or 4 mins Daddy wants to pamper you fuck girl in Holmes Beach city in my direction before going back in the Lake clear NY housewives personals. David Smith City of sighting: It was mid-January, I had been to visit in Ashland, MS and returning northward up Hwy 18 about 6: In a long desolate stretch just east of Wolf River Bottom, Lady looking hot sex Churchs Ferry saw a lone animal amble l-r across the highway approx.

It was just on the Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck limit of the headlights of my Ford Bronco. I assumed it to be a Naked black men on webcam com. But it sorta stuck in my mind that the animal looked low to the ground and ran across the road in a rather undulating motion, unlike a deer.

But it was about the Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck of a deer. There was no traffic at all. I slowed to 25 MPH to look closer as I approached the crossing location. The highway right-of-way was well mowed and short out to about 30 feet from the pavement where waist-high grass started.

To my surprise, I looked through the windshield right into the eyes of a Memphis Tennessee cougar that want to fuck. It had stopped on the ROW just short of entering the tall grass. The round face, short stubby ears, and long graceful tail with end curled were unmistakeable.