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Man in a mask

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I'm 21 years old and i'm in college I'm 64 black hair and blue eyes I dress kind of scene or goth. I will attach a couple pics here, if you are interested please send at least a face pic back and i will return a face pic as well Man in a mask my. I'm a 30 year old black male, open to mawk anything. Liberal and raunchily humorous.

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Man in a mask is the one who drives the pickup z and helps hunt their victims. Man in the Mask first appears standing mas behind Kristen in the hallway as she stands in the kitchen, when she turns around Man in a mask is gone.

When the smoke alarm is triggered, Kristen knocks it off the roof and it hits the floor. She later re-enters the living room after calling James and notices that Man in the Mask has placed it on a chair.

When Kristen hears a noise coming from the backyard, she grabs a knife and rips open the curtain to find Man in the Mask staring at her, and he continuously bangs on the Fuck buddy Owensville Indiana Man in a mask she hides.

James and Kristen try to flee but their car is rear-ended and destroyed by Pin-Up Girl. Maask arms himself with a gun and Man in the Mask begins axing the door open, James fires at him and he and Kristen hide in the bedroom.

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Kristen is later knocked out by him and when they awake the Strangers stand above them. When Kristen asks why they are doing this, Dollface just says "because you were home".

The Strangers unmask themselves off-screen and stab Kristen and James in the stomachs, before fleeing, but not before collecting a pamphlet on Christian Living. Mike finds a revolver in the bedroom and finds the Man in the Mask gone. They drive their minivan around the grounds shouting for Kinseybut maask of Man in a mask killers shatters aMn windshield with a thrown object, causing Mike to swerve and crash the minivan into a trailer.

As they regain consciousness, Mike finds himself pinned into his seat by part of the trailer's porch and tells Luke to take the gun and find his sister. As Luke leaves, the Man in the Mask gets Man in a mask the minivan with Mike, turns aMn the radio, and kills him with an ice pick.

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Luke taunts The Man in the Mask by telling him he just killed one of his own. The Man in the Mask swings his axe at Luke.

Luke falls into the pool and grabs The Man in the Mask's axe, before tripping him into the pool. They fight.

Luke is ultimately stabbed in the back and ib to die.

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Kinsey arrives and pulls him out of the pool and sets off to find help, which Man in a mask does, but the Police Officer is killed by Dollface and Kinsey tries to flee in his Cruiser.

Kinsey uses her lighter to ignite a gasoline leak and both vehicles explode.

The Man in the Mask survives and pursues her in his truck, engulfed in flames, but still functional. As Man in a mask corners her on the bridge to the trailer park, he moves to attack her with his axe, but is badly burned and seemingly falls dead.

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Man in a mask reaches the road and flags down a mother and her son in a pickup truck, but they attempt to flee when they see the Man in the Mask appear behind Kinsey. Kinsey climbs in the bed of the truck, along with the Man in the Mask, but he hit in the head with a baseball bat and falls off the edge onto the street where he dies. Sign In Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki. The Strangers Edit Man in the Mask first appears standing far behind Kristen in the hallway as she stands in the kitchen, when she turns around masi is gone.

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The Strangers: He is a fan of 80's music. He has black hair.

He is the strongest out of all the Strangers. Retrieved from " https: Cancel Save.

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